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Finders Keepers Part 9 The Next Day
Sweat beats down Negan’s face, in his arms Carl’s small, frail body jerks and shakes with every step, getting the teen back to the mall was the easy part but getting him to a half decent doctor was proving to be troublesome, he runs for the boy’s life to the Humvee,
“God fucking damn it!” Carl blinks a couple of times, Looking up at Negan after hearing him swear at the top of his lungs, the truck races down the road at record speed, “Boss, he’s bleeding ever were!” Someone shouts, Carl glances over at the driver, a lanky man with short dirty blond hair has his eyes fixed on the road,
“Can’t you fucking see that I already know that Dwight!? Just shut the fuck up and drive faster!” The other man, Dwight, shakes his head “Boss, the peddles on the floor I can’t go any faster! I’m trying to best I can here!” The truck all but comes to a screeching stop when the entire vehicle jerks and swerves,
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Finders Keepers Part 8 Blood by Miss-Blank-27
Mature content
Finders Keepers Part 8 Blood :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 0 0
Carl X Negan Finders Keepers Part 7 Betrayl
Shushed whispers nearly stir Carl from his sleep “Sorry to do this after what happened yesterday, baby boy, but I’ll be back soon, I promise” Thankfully the small pressure from the kiss on the teen’s forehead doesn’t wake him up,
The next morning brings about a new surprise, Carl awakens finding himself alone on the sofa, his hat now the only thing that sat beside him, glancing around in the dark, he finds no signs of movement, Carl confirms his own suspicions “oh……”
Carl sighs “Where could he have…!” The thick smell of something burning pulls Carl’s attention away from his thoughts, quickly he bolts from the couch, out of the store and into the food court, abandoning his hat,
he is startled to find a thick cloud of dark smoke, coming from one of the restaurant kitchens, what’s even more stunning to see is that barley anybody was doing anything about it, all around the large open area small groups of pe
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CONTEST ENTRY FOR TED by Miss-Blank-27 CONTEST ENTRY FOR TED :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 6 2
Carl X Negan Finders Keepers Part 6 Understandings
Carl sighs, holding the side of his face in pain, out in the main area of the shopping mall Floyd’s unrelenting shouts and unnerving screaming began to grow quieter and quieter until Carl could no longer hear the man at all,
The moment the small group of four arrived back at the mall Negan had nearly been jumped by Floyd, the man ambushed him with a barrage of questions on his son’s whereabouts demanding to know what had happened at the dairy,
“Where the fuck is he? Where the fuck is my son?!” Floyd struggles to keep his arms to his sides, his clenched fists noticeably shacking, his eyes burrow into Negan’s with pure rage,
Negan, however was unmoved by this, he picks his teeth watching, letting Floyd have his little temper tantrum, it’s not until carl shifts nervously under his arm that Negan decides that he’s had enough of the man’s mouth, Floyd is sent stumbling back when Negan jabs him in the chest, earning him his full attention,
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Carl X Negan Finders Keepers Part 5: Decisions
Carl’s breathing becomes jagged and rough, having no idea he had been running, Jamison’s frantic screams behind him began to grow faint, the young teen looks back over his shoulder to try and gage how far he had ran when-
Carl’s eyes go wide in shock, an agonizing pain shoots up his leg, he doubles over on his side, he’s unable to control the ear blistering scream that rips threw him like a lightning bolt,
Carl looks down at his leg, to his horror a bear trap now clung to his bleeding ankle, with trembling hands Carl looks over the trap but goes pale when he finds that the trap had been modified and wouldn’t be able to open without the proper tools,
“Oh god no, please no!” Carl starts to beg for his life to anyone that could hear him even if no one was there, he didn’t care, thankfully for him, as if sent by God, out of the trees runs Dean, sweaty and bleeding from his nose,
The older teen deadpans when he sees Carl “W….
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Mature content
Carl X Negan Finders Keepers Part 4: Danger :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 0 1
Carl X !!! Finders Keepers Part3 A Friendly Face
Seconds turn into minutes that slowly crept into hours seeming to go on and on endlessly, Carl stumbles with every step he takes along the heat drenched railroad tracks, unfortunately for him his father’s old hat gives him little protection from the relentless sun,
“Why… couldn’t… Terminus have been closer…” Carl sighs voicing this out loud to nobody but himself and the hand full of dead walkers tossed off to the side of the tracks, they were most likely left there by some other group that had passed through that area before him, “how long have I even been walking for?”
Weakly he brings his hand up to cover his eyes, gazing up at the burning sun, he tries to determine which position it was in the sky,
Carl quickly abandons this thought realizing that it would be effortless to even attempt to gage how far he’s walked, to do so would only cause him to worry that he was either going in the wrong direction or that wasn’t eve
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Mature content
Carl X ?? Finders Keepers Part2 :Dread And Hope: :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 0 0
Carl X ??? Finders Keepers Part one :Running:
"after things go wrong at the prison during the Governors last stand Carl Grimes finds him self far from anywhere he could call home and separated from his family, on his last limb of life he finds salvation... or is it?"
A loud explosion goes off somewhere nearby, instantly dropping his rifle Carl yelps slightly in pained by the sound and quickly moves to cover his ears in a desperate attempt to subdue the ear splitting pain flooding his head,
The blinding fog of smoke and light caused by said explosion surrounding him only allows the now trembling 14 year olds over whelming fear to escalate,
The sound of the young teen’s father calling for him falls on near deaf ears, rubbing his burning eyes Carl looks around for his father’s face in the fog of smoke only to come face to face with a tall walker stumbling just a few feet away from him
Carl grits his teeth and reaches for his pocket knife strapped to h
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Prasiolite Gemsona by Miss-Blank-27 Prasiolite Gemsona :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 1 2 Artist Meme by Miss-Blank-27
Mature content
Artist Meme :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 2 1
If It Fits by Miss-Blank-27
Mature content
If It Fits :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 2 1
Mature content
Eyeless X Jeff Something New In The Cold (18+) :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 19 2
Mature content
A Very Creepy Christmas :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 10 7
Mature content
Masky X Hoodie (Hoodies Manhood) 18+ HARD YAOI :iconmiss-blank-27:Miss-Blank-27 33 6
I do have art but for whatever fucked reason its now showing up on this widget (thanks DA)



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I'm 22 years old and I'll draw or write whatever I want, if your one of the assholes that keeps reporting my NSFW work then fuck off and just block me already

Love for Pulse, Love for Orlando... by RefiBones


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2017, 10:21 AM
so a couple people are wondering why I'm no longer doing my pasta smut fics, well
it's all plane and simple, like almost everyone eles in this fandom, the assholes of the 
fandom ruined creepypasta for me, 

i still enjoy reading other fics and good creepy stories but as for doing my own I'm 
finished, I've moved on to other fandoms and less annoying things 

if you however would like to know how my "Jeffery's master" story would of ended
then please feel free to contact me and i will give you a summery on how it was
going to end 

so... sorry not sorry 

Graphics and Coding by Reyvwen



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